Pennangalan SALE in the Leisure Centre


This is a shameless attempt to get as many of you as possible to visit the bazaar stalls in the Leisure Centre as well as those at the Spa.

As per April, Pennangalan (Boots and Shoes) will have a stall in the Whitby Bazaar, at the Leisure Centre venue. Usual Whitby Bazaar opening times (10am-5pm, Fri/Sat). The Leisure Centre is no more than 5 minutes walk from the Spa Pavilion where the main bazaar is held.

Given that it's so close, you have no excuse not to pop by and see us (and the other stalls that are there), but in case you need further encouragement:

We are having an enormous sale of end-of-line goth leather shoes and boots, with many items for sale at just £15 or £25 per pair. On top of that, we have will have warm technokitty fleeces, T-Shirts, and a range of DANE cyberwear.

If you just visit our stall (you don't have to buy anything, just come and say hello), we'll give you a £10 voucher for use on our website.

There are a bunch of other stalls in the same venue, including (from memory) a nice corset stall, a hairpiece stall, a number of gothic clothing outlets, and a fantastic deathrock/psychobilly clothing stall as well.

Self-cater flat available in Whitby - Sleeps 4

If anybody is still looking for accommodation, I have a complete self-catered flat going free in Whitby.

It sleeps 4 (two double beds), and is booked from Thursday 20th thru to Monday 24th (leave on the Monday). I think the booking can be extended.

It is situated on Royal Crescent (very near the Spa) on the West Cliff.

Total rent for the four days booked is £250

If you would like it, or want to know more, get in touch. (
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Self-cater flat available in Whitby - Sleeps 4

I have a self-catered flat going spare in Whitby as some folks have dropped out.

It has two double-beds, is on the Royal Crescent (right up on West Cliff, next to the spa), and is booked from Thursday 20th thru to Sunday 23rd - i.e., leave on the Monday.

The total cost for all four nights is £250

If you're interested or know somebody who is, let me know.
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Sat April 1st - Intrusion/OxGoths FREE Entry to Slimelight

Intrusion has been able to arrange guestlisting for any regular attendees/OxGoths at the Slimelight 3-floor special, on Saturday April 1st.

This should save you £8 (£5 if a member). It's worth pointing out that £8 is the Oxford Tube return fare so long as you depart Oxford after 3PM, so you can get from Oxford into London, and get admission to Slimes, for a total of £8.

All you have to do to get on the guestlist is get your name to me (in plenty of time please), and be an Intrusion regular (not necessarily from Oxford), or an OxGoth.

Sophie sexy_sophia or Mark sgt_bookhouse will probably organise an Oxford Tube bunch if enough folk are interested.

You can either e-mail me ( or reply here with your name (as LJ usernames are not always obvious) to get on the guest list

(cross-posted to intrusionuk and oxgoths)
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